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2Wire 2700 HG Routers

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The 2Wire 2700 HG series of routers cannot be bought in the UK and are only supplied by Telcos.
They may be found for sale on ebay, but they may be configured to work on other ISPs, but be aware that the firmware will ISP specific and carry that ISP logo etc

The 2Wire routers have gained some popularity in the UK because of their reputation for stability on long lines.

Router Identification

2wire do not sell direct to the general public and each 2700HG comes with ISP customised firmware and may therefore have some features disabled.

  • 2700HG-B = AT&T (ex-SBC)
  • 2700HG-G = BellER
  • 2700HG-E = Telus
  • 2700HG-V = BT

Purchasing a 2Wire 2700HG

You may often see 2700's offered for sale on ebay, do your research beforehand and make sure that you know which model you are purchasing. I recommend you check out this page on identifying the 2700 HGV.




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