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Manually configuring a router

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There are many ISPs that say they "don't support networking", but don't let that put you off.
What they mean is they wont give you technical support for setting up your adsl connection so that it can be shared by more than one PC.

Some ISPs such as AOL and BT Basic also try and insist that you use their software, which in some instances is actually what is stopping you from sharing your connection.

If you use the AOL IMAP service with Outlook, multiple users on the one aol account can continuously collect their mail without having to use the AOL software. AOL users may also be interested in this recently added page which gives a more in depth view.

You do not need to use any software to manually configure a router, all you need to do is simply type the IP address of your router into your browser window and your router's web interface should open up.

You should find the default IP address for your router in the instruction manual, but some commonly used addresses are:-  (eg Netgear) (eg Thomson, Speedtouch, Billion, Home Hub)  (eg D-link, 3com)    (eg Solwise)

Some routers come with a configuration wizard to make things easy for you.

Not all router set ups are quite the same and you may not need to input all of the following information, but in general the settings you need to configure are:-

Protocol/Encapsulation :- PPPoA (PPP over ATM)
Multiplexing method: VC-BASED or VC-Mux
(On some routers the above 2 settings may be combined as "PPPoA VC-Mux".)
VPI = 0
VCI = 38
DSL Standard: G.dmt
Security Protocol: CHAP

user: eg "" or "" etc
password: "yourpassword"

Get IP Dynamically from ISP
Get DNS Automatically from ISP

If you have chosen to manually configure your IP addressing yourself then you also need to set up the Network card properties on each PC as follows:-

From Control Panel >> Network Connections >>
Right click on your network card connection >>
Properties >>
Highlight TCP/IP >>
Click the "Properties" Button.
Choose an IP address in the same range as your routers IP address.

Network card settings



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