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adsl bar is a privately owned independent website.

The site originally started off as a hobby (just like many other sites), but after a while became a "dumping ground" for adsl facts and resources. What you see today is a cumulation of much work and effort over many years... and now takes up a large portion of my free-time.

The site is not for profit, unaffiliated with any ISP and relies on donations and a small amount of advertising to cover hosting costs for a busy site.


Aug 08 Site featured several times in Computer Active article on "Broadband - Test it - Fix it - Boost it" computer active magazine
May 08 Site mentioned in a PCPro feature "Double Your Broadband" PC pro magazine
Apr 08 Main site traffic continues to grow and is now regularyly getting over a million hits per week and daily gets several thousand individual visitors.
Feb 08 Main site gets a major overhaul and revamp. Many pages have moved particularly as the adsl section was getting a bit too large and have been re-categorised into new ISP sections for eg.
New site design also implemented.
Feb 08 Site renewal time. Last month the site got 3.7 million hits and is now classed by my hosts as a pretty busy site. To facilitate this the site was moved to a brand new quad Xeon server.
Jan 08 New project ISP ratings was slowly released as beta and finally went live in Feb 08
Oct-Dec Started transferring ISP data over to a database - the advent of new php/sql knowledge gives me much more flexibility to make more dynamic pages such as the ISP price comparison and a new project.
Sep 07 Decided at long last to teach myself php/sql. First ever project was the launch of the adsl checker. Talk about jumping in at the deep end - many weeks of burning the midnight oil to get it how I wanted it to be :D
Aug 07 Webuser reader gets a "top tip" award for mentioning the site on how to find out if you can get higher broadband speeds.
Aug 07 Site and forums get mentioned on Radio Derby about a consumer broadband special.
July 07 Site moves to shiny new server. :)
May 07 Site featured in Webuser magazine "Boost Your Broadband" article. Webuser
Apr 07 Site gets "slash-dotted" on an article about "limited, unlimited broadband" - and survives :)
Apr 07 Had to withdraw my email address for technical help from the front page. Although I had always tried to help people who contacted me via mail. The situation had now got to a point where I was unable to cope with the huge amount of individual requests for help. Sorry if yours was one of those mails I didn't get around to answering. :/ Instead I direct you to the forum where there are also other knowledgeable regs, and even the odd ISP rep.
Feb 07 Successfully moved main site and forums over to new web hosts.
Dec 06 As 2006 draws to a close the site traffic continues to grow and I'm now having to look towards alternative hosting arrangements.
July 06 Opened forum at where you're more than welcome to drop by and pass on any comments etc. You can also ask technical questions here.
Jan 06 Got a bit bored of the traditional black and purple theme so I decided that a complete new layout was in order. Hope you like it :)
Over the last year or so it has grown enormously and the main website gets in excess of 60,000 hits each day, so thanks for visiting and a special thanks to those that took the time to contact me and give feedback. :o)
July 04 Re-categorised the site structure and since then only hosts the techy type stuff and everything else was moved on to other sites.
2003 Site starts to become a "dumping" ground for FAQs for adsl and my ISP related stuff.

All pages and articles remain the property of and copyrighted to
Any information given to the site or articles written by other persons are duly acknowledged and credited accordingly.

I would like to say a special thanks to chris (chods). Although the vast majority of work/code/input/time on the site is mine.. he's helped on numerous occasions over the years when I've got stuck with the odd bit of code.. or I just needed a 2nd opinion.. or a moan.
The side nav menu code was specifically written for the site by him several years ago.

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All rights reserved
Unauthorised reproduction prohibited
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