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EE broadband

Contact Details
Telephone Contact Details
Dept  Details  Telephone  Cost  Hours
SalesSales0800 953 5836FreeOpen 24/7
Cust ServiceCS0844 873 8586lo-callOpen 24/7

Online Contact Details
 e-mail Sales:  
Cust Service:  

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ISP information

Set up Connection Fee: Free Parent/Group Everything Everywhere
Free Modem/Router? Yes Dispute resolution CICAS
Contract Length 12 m Support Location UK / India
Migration - In Free Customer Base  
Migration - Out Free Provisioning IPStream & 21CN & FTTCIPStream & 21CN & FTTCIPStream & 21CN & FTTC
Standard Line Rental 17.50 Line Rental Mandatory Yes

Products and Prices
Note:  Information below is a summary of standard prices.
For special offers and full details of monthly costs see Broadband Price Compare
Product Speed Price Line Total Cap Information Contr Phone Prov   Type
Broadband 17Mb 21.00 0.00 21.00 Unlimited 18 Y 24/1 BT 21CN WBC/WBMC
Broadband & EE TV 17Mb 32.50 0.00 32.50 Unlimited 18 Y 24/1 BT 21CN WBC/WBMC
Fibre & EE TV 36Mb 36.50 0.00 36.50 Unlimited 18 Y 40/10 Openreach FTTC
Fibre 38Mb 28.50 0.00 28.50 Unlimited 18 Y 40/10 Openreach FTTC
Fibre Plus 76Mb 32.50 0.00 32.50 Unlimited   18 Y 80/20 Openreach FTTC

ISP Ratings

Overall ratings
 EE broadband

Avg Total
Stars: 13.00 

Last 5 Ratings and Comments.

Speed Support Reliability Value Satis Comments Added
ISP ratingISP ratingISP ratingISP ratingISP ratingVery poor user experience due to DSL speed around 10Mbps max. Router underpowered and struggling to manage simultaneous streaming requests from multiple devices. Don't bother.11-11-18
ISP ratingISP ratingISP ratingISP ratingISP ratingDoes what it says06-05-18
ISP ratingISP ratingISP ratingISP ratingISP ratingCustomers Service is terrible. Still, I have the internet anytime I want so I cannot really complain. The CS is the pain, they forget to charge my account, later they charge more then they should've charged. Mess.08-08-17
ISP ratingISP ratingISP ratingISP ratingISP ratingEE VDSL bundle free *1000mins month* mobile calls was the deal closer. BrightBox 2 seems to have unidentified EE backdoor access when in PPPOE mode, so reverted to using a *Fitz'd* :) HG612 on Ubiquiti Unifi/Edge setup11-06-17
ISP ratingISP ratingISP ratingISP ratingISP ratingbeen with them for several years and find them to be very reliable, especially compared to the experience I had with TalkTalk05-04-17

For more ISP comments and ratings see ISP ratings

Technical Details & Settings

Incoming Mail (pop3) server   DNS Servers   
Outgoing Mail (smtp) server  
Router Settings/Setup  


Information is kept as up to date as possible but we recommend you check with the ISP for latest prices & offers.
Notification of any errors or omissions is appreciated.

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