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Vodafone broadband

Contact Details
Telephone Contact Details
Dept  Details  Telephone  Cost  Hours
SalesSales08080 553555Free8am-9pm Mon to Fri.
9am-6pm Sat & Sun
Cust Service    

Online Contact Details
 e-mail Sales:  
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ISP information

Set up Connection Fee: Fibre 49 Parent/Group Vodafone
Free Modem/Router? 6 del Dispute resolution OTELO
Contract Length 18 m Support Location India/Glasgow
Migration - In Fibre 49 Customer Base  
Migration - Out Free Provisioning 21CN & LLU & FTTC21CN & LLU & FTTC21CN & LLU & FTTC
Standard Line Rental 18.00 Line Rental Mandatory Yes

Products and Prices
Note:  Information below is a summary of standard prices.
For special offers and full details of monthly costs see Broadband Price Compare
Product Speed Price Line Total Cap Information Contr Phone Prov   Type
Broadband17 17Mb 4.00 19.00 23.00 Unlimited 18 Y 24/1 LLU only
Fibre 38 38Mb 23.00 0.00 23.00 Unlimited Mobile cust 18 Y 40/10 Openreach FTTC
Fibre 38 38Mb 26.00 0.00 26.00 Unlimited 18 Y 40/10 Openreach FTTC
Fibre 76 76Mb 28.00 0.00 28.00 Unlimited Mobile cust 18 Y 80/20 Openreach FTTC
Fibre 76 76Mb 31.00 0.00 31.00 Unlimited   18 Y 80/20 Openreach FTTC

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