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Hosting your Domain with Plusnet.

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Plusnet allow you to host up to 5 domain name for free on the premier account.
You do not have to transfer your domain name billing to them, instead you can continue to use your existing company for domain name renewal.

I've outlined the procedure below to enable you to do this:-

  •  First of all change the nameservers on the "out of house" control panel to: and
  •   I then waited until these had been propagated
     (for eg check from
  •  Then raise a ticket from the portal wizard :-

Select "Transfering an existing domain name in to host on my account"
- You will be doing type 1 DNS Only Hosting
Select "Any .uk name".
- You will be doing DNS only transfer.
Select "Manual Transfer (DNS Only Hosting).

State on the ticket:-

Please transfer DNS hosting only for
(I wish to retain the billing address with xyzcompany) .
DNS changes have been propagated.

 Attach a copy of the propagated results to the bottom of the ticket,
 to prove that you have administered the domain correctly.
 Once you have received confirmation that this has been done by plusnet,
 you will then need to log into the portal.

    Member Center >>> My Account >>> Domain Names

 and configure such things as to which directory your site should point to.


If you wish you can also raise another ticket to change your rDNS to that of your domain name


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