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Phone Numbers

Customer Support: 0845 140 0200 
Service Status Info: 0845 002 0173

Broadband Faults Helpline:
PN - 0845 1400080
F9 - 0845 1400082
FOL - 0845 1400085

DNS Servers

Caching servers Authorative Servers

E-mail Settings

POP3 (incoming mail) Server
SMTP (outgoing mail) Server
POP3 login name  username
email address
mailboxes username+mailbox_name



By default rDNS will be set as, you can however change this to (

If you have a domain hosted with Plusnet you can ask for your rDNS to be set to

Plusnet may also delegate rDNS for a non hosted domain. To do so they will ask for proof of ownership of the domain name and you will need to creaste a forward DNS record first

To do this simply raise a ticket from the portal.

>>> Technical Support (Except Connection problems - See below)
>>> Static IP / IP Block Requests / Reverse DNS Setup
>>> Change my Reverse DNS (PTR) configuration.


ATM Network (Central Pipes) Info

This information has now been moved to a new page PlusNet Central Pipes Info.

Traffic Shaping.

The Broadband Plus account, whilst not being capped does have its traffic prioritised to ensure services such as web and email get priority over p2p traffic. This means that as busy periods P2P traffic could experience slower speeds, whilst surfing and mail remains unaffected.
The switch that performs this task is an Ellacoya e30. More information on this switch can be found here.

It should be noted that since July 2005 the ellacoya has also been used to shape traffic on the Premier and PAYG accounts, so that p2p is given an allocated amount of bandwidth.

The ellacoya is able to inspect packets to check which type of traffic is being throughput.
Different types of traffic can be prioritised as being gold silver or bronze. Each Juniper router is able to apply QoS.


Idle Time Outs

In September 2005 Plusnet announced that they reserved the right to implement idle time outs on the Broadband Plus account only.

Idle timeouts have been implemented on the BB Plus accounts, if the connection is unused for 30 mins. Customers can reconnect straight away if they wish.

You can also opt of out Idle timeouts from within your connection settings in the member center.
More Info about Idle timeouts.

I had wondered if they would be implemented because of a BT Wholesale restriction that states:-

The customer must enforce a minimum session timeout such that all established sessions will last for a minimum of two hours (7200 seconds) for both the PPP idle and PPP session timeouts.
An end user may choose to terminate their session at any time. This minimum timeout period ensures that the BT network is not overburdened with the churn of PPP sessions. BT will monitor the rate of session set-ups to ensure that this criterion is met. -Page 10 - 2.3.3

If either the Idle or session timeouts are less then 7200 then BT will overwrite the value to be a default value of 7200 seconds. Page 27 Note 2

However it would appear that BTw are quite happy for idle timeouts to now be implemented.


Although you can see the CS staff from the portal, why not try viewing these at a higher resolution, or view both CSC cams at the same time.

|| CSC Cam1 || CSC Cam2 || CSC Both Cams ||

Please note

These webcams can stream a large amount of data and may max out your connection.
Therefore caution is advised if you are on a capped connection.
Make sure you close your browser window after viewing the webcams.


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