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Logging your linestats with RouterStatsHub

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Author: John Owen
RouterStatsHub Download

RouterStatsHub is a program specifically for monitoring the linestats from a BT HomeHub v3.

Due to BT's habit of locking down routers it can be difficult to record stats from the HomeHub, but the author of the popular RouterStats has devised a way for owners of the HH3 to be able to log what statistics are available from the routers web interface.


  • Customisable graphs
  • Daily graphs saved as .jpg

Monitors & Graphs:

  • SNR Margin
  • Connection Speed
  • 2 user defined options. Select from:
    • Power
    • Attenuation
    • Errored Seconds
    • FEC Errors
    • CRC Errors
    • HEC Errors

RouterStatsHub only works on adsl connections.  It will not work on FTTC (fibre) connections.

Use routerstats lite to monitor your linestats

Routers known to work with:-
BT HomeHub 3 Type A and Type B




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