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ZyXEL VMG8324-B10A - VDSL Setup

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The VMG8324-B10A is an ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+/VDSL combined Modem/Router/GbESwitch that has recently become available in the UK.

If your VMG8324 is shipped with the default firmware, the quick start setup doesn't work for VDSL. Latest firmware versions can be obtained from ZyXEL support.

The following guide tells you how to set up your Zyxel router for VDSL2. 

Zyxel VMG8324-B10A

** Note: the Save function doesn't work properly in Firefox or Safari. **
Try using Chrome.

Configure your router for VDSL / FTTC / BT Infinity
Click on images for larger view

1. Open the Web Gui
Username: admin
Password: 1234
Zyxel VMG8324-B10A Web GUI
2. Edit the VDSL Interface Settings
> Network Settings
> Broadband

at position #2 VDSL Click the Edit Button to Modify the settings
Zyxel VMG8324-B10A WAN Interface
3. Configure the WAN Interface
You will now be presented with a new screen.
In here you will need to enter your ISP login details so make sure you have these details to hand.
Zyxel VMG8324-B10A setup WAN interface
4. Enter the VDSL Settings
The following settings apply to UK based VDSL by BT Openreach.  This includes FTTC/Fibre/Infinity available from BT, Plusnet, Sky, Talktalk, Zen etc.

Wan Configuration Edit
Name :
Type :
Mode :
Encapsulation:  {PPPoE} or {IPoE for TalkTalk}
IPv6/IPv4 Mode:

PPP Information
PPP User Name :   {enter your ISP login}
PPP Password :      password unmask
PPP Trigger Type : Auto Connect  Connect on Demand  Manual  {Auto}
IDLE Timeout [minutes]:
PPPoE Service Name :   {Leave Blank}
PPPoE Passthrough :   {Leave Blank}

IP Address
  Obtain an IP Address Automatically   {Auto}
  Static IP Address  
IP Address :   {Leave Blank}
Subnet Mask :   {Leave Blank}
Gateway IP Address :   {Leave Blank}
Routing Feature  
NAT Enable :
Fullcone NAT Enable :   {Leave Blank}
IGMP Proxy Enable :  {Chromecast wont work if this is enabled}
Apply as Default Gateway :

DNS server
DNS : Dynamic  Static
DNS Server 1 :
DNS Server 2 :

IPv6 Address
IPv6 Address: Automatic  Static  None

IPv6 Routing Feature

{You can Ignore this section}
MLD Proxy Enable :
Apply as Default Gateway  

IPv6 DNS Server :

{You can Ignore this section}
IPv6 DNS : Dynamic  Static
IPv6 DNS Server 1 :
IPv6 DNS Server 2 :

Active :
802.1p :   {2} or {1} for BTInfinity & TalkTalk
802.1q :   (0~4094)   {101}


{You can Ignore this section}
Rate Limit :   (kbps)   
WAN Outgoing Default Tag : Enable  Disable
802.1p : (0~7)   
DSCP : (0~63)  

MTU Size :  MTU [68-1492]   {Should be 1500 but 1492 is max}
Click Apply and you should now be able to connect.

If you are still having problems try checking the settings under

     > Network Settings
     > Broadband
     > Advanced

Disable Annex M and SRA.

Apr 2014

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