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Graphing your linestats with HG612 Modem Stats

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HG612 Modem Stats
Author: Bald Eagle
HG612 Modem Stats Download

HG612 Modem Stats comprises of Bald Eagle's graphing programs designed to work with the Huawei modems which are supplied as part of BT's FTTC installation.  The modem must be unlocked for the programs to work.

It contains a comprehensive suite of graphing and logging tools together with a GUI Settings Editor by Ronski for Windows users. Practically any information about your line that can be obtained from the HG612 can be graphed for permanent records using this very useful program. 

Modem Stats settings editor V2 was released in Feb 2014 and has a whole new set of features added.


  • Ability to graph all linestat data
  • Continually collects line data
  • Customisable time settings
  • Custom graph settings
  • Saves daily graphs as .png
  • Graph montage facility
  • Records telnet data from xdslcmd and pbParams
  • Displays current information about your line stats
  • New Quick Graph Viewer

Monitors & Graphs:

  • SNR Margin
  • Connection Speed
  • Line & Signal Attenuation
  • CRC/FEC & other Errors
  • Power
  • Attainable Rate
  • Bit loading
  • HLog
  • QLN
  • Uptime
  • Interleaving Status
  • Latency Monitor
    (Integrates with TBB's BQM)

Use HG612 Modem Stats to monitor your line

HG612 modem stats line data

HG612 modem stat graphs

Routers known to work with:- Huawei HG610, HG612, HG622, Zyxel VMG8324.

*HG612 Modem Stats is a community based project and has had input from various sources: Notably asbokid for unlocking the HG612 & burakkucat for developing the initial 'C' code. Together they developed the first Linux Bash scripts from which formed the foundation for the Windows programs you see today.  The graphing programs for Windows were developed by BaldEagle and the Windows GUI Settings Editor was developed by Ronski.

Last updated 6/02/2014
HG612 Modem Stats v 2.0 released

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