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BT Openreach Fibre Modem/Routers

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Supplied vdsl modem routers for FTTC Fibre Broadband

fibre modem routers


 ~ BT Openreach supplied vdsl modem

BT Openreach are currently supplying two separate modems for FTTC installations.

  • Huawei HG612 Modem
  • ECI B-Focus Modem

Both these modems are supplied by the Openreach engineer when your fibre broadband is installed.  You will need a separate router to be able to connect to the Internet.

Which make of modem you got originally depended upon whether your local fibre cabinet is a Huawei or ECI DSLAM, although Openreach stopped the practice of matching modem to DSLAMs in early 2013, so which one you get may just depend on what the engineer has on his van.


~ ISP supplied combined VDSL modem/routers

  • BT Infinity customers are supplied with BT HomeHub 5 for more information see below.
  • Sky customers are provided with a Sky Hub 2 (SR102) which is a combined vdsl modem/router.
  • TalkTalk uses an own branded version of the Huawei HG635 which they call a Super Router.


 ~ Other combined VDSL modem/routers

I maintain a list on the forum of combined vdsl modem/routers that are available for purchase in the UK. 
See Combined VDSL2 Modem Routers


 ~ External differences between the ECI & Huawei Modem

  • The Huawei slightly smaller at 16.2 x 11.8 x 3.2 cm
  • The ECI is 17.6 x 13.3 x 3.5 cm
  • The Huawei has square apertures around the LEDs
  • The ECI has round apertures.
  • The Huawei has silver metal LAN ports
  • The ECI has yellow plastic LAN ports
  • A sticker on the bottom of each modem should identify the make and model
ECi v Huawei Openreach Modems
Comparison of Openreach Modems - ECI B-Focus on the left Huawei HG612 on the right
BT Openreach modems back view ECI Huawei
Back view - note colour of LAN ports
BT Openreac modems bottom view ECI & Huawei
Underneath view - sticker should identify modem


 ~ ECI Modem

These are ECI B-Focus V2Fub VDSL modems which contain a Lantiq VRX-268 chipset.

There are two types: /I and /r.   Both types are locked and although hackable require some soldering skills and/or serial cables/UART adapters.  This is not an area we cover here, for more information see:

Currently the ECI modem does not support G.INP


 ~ Huawei Modem

This is a Echolife HG612 vdsl modem which contains a Broadcom 6368 chipset. The latest version is the Echolife HG612 3B and it can be unlocked using custom firmware. 

This website contains various information about the HG612 and various monitoring tools for the HG612.

The modem fully supports G.INP


 ~ BT HomeHub 5

The HomeHub 5 is an all in one VDSL modem/router supplied to new BT Infinity customers.  It can be distinguished by its blue stripe from the HomeHub 4.   A little know fact is there are two versions of the HomeHub 5.  They look identical but can be identified by the firmware it uses.

  • HomeHub 5A - This contains a Lantiq VRX-268 chipset and is currently NOT fully G.INP compatible.
    (Software version
  • HomeHub 5B - This is manufactured by Arcadyan and contains a BCM 63168 chipset and is G.INP compatible.
    (Software version V0.07.01.0235-BT)
BT Homehub 5


Last updated Apr 2015

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