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Monitoring & graphing your line stats

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Although it's possible to get a snapshot of your line stats from your router at a particular moment in time, have you ever wished that you were able to constantly record and have a permanent record of your line stats over a period of time or monitor your connection when you're not at the PC?

line stats

Monitoring your line stats is useful and can be extremely helpful when diagnosing problems with your connection.   Recording certain line statistics such as SNR Margin can prove invaluable when diagnosing line faults and issues such as REIN.

monitoring SNRM

Not too long ago, the only way to record your line stats was setting up something like MRTG or PRTG.  Unfortunately these aren't for the faint hearted as they often involve perl scripting and setting up a web server. Also not all routers have SNMP facilities so there are relatively few people for whom this is a viable method of monitoring your line stats.

Thankfully there are now a several more user friendly router monitoring tools and on the following pages we look at some of those which we here at think are amongst the best.



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