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adsl bar is an independent, not for profit site, and does not cater only to ISPs which pay commission Therefore you will find a wealth of information about various UK ISPs.

~ Broadband checker Find out which ISPs have availability at your exchange
~ Broadband Price Compare Search and compare broadband prices from over 30 UK ISPs
~ ISP Price List Product and price list for 30+ UK ISPs
~ ISP ratings Compare how visitors to this site rate their ISP
~ Rate your ISP Rate and leave comments on your ISP performance
~ ISP Caps + FUPs Compare ISP caps/fup and their network performance
~ Unlimited ISPs The reality of "Unlimited Downloads".
~ Various ISP information and setup guides.


For detailed information on some of our listed ISPs, please click the ISP logo below:

AAISP informationBT informationClaranet SOHO informationDemon informationEE informationEntanet information
IDNet informationOrigin informationPlusNet informationPost Office informationPulse8 informationSAQ information
Sky informationSSE informationTalkTalk informationThe Phone Co-op informationUno informationVirgin Media information
Vispa informationVodafone informationZen information


Information about the ISPs are kept as up to date as possible.
I welcome notification of any amendments or changes.

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